Brisca F1 Stockcar Photography.

My 35mm film archive created during 1969 - 1976 has been scanned, digitized and passed through Photoshop and other image editors to bring age worn, chemically deteriorated images into a far better condition. The aim was to keep the images as near as possible to how they were when the film was developed and printed - in some cases deterioration has taken its toll while in others... they are actually better presented than the originals. Colour negative suffers  more due to have multiple colour layers on the  film base.  Poor commercial  developing and fixing has left many images unusable and  to be honest, 40 plus years  in poor storage in a number of lofts and garages has not helped either.

In the 1970's photography was still a mystery to most and they were content to use a couple of films a year for holiday "snaps"and family events.
They relied on Boots  or the likes of Gratispool ( mail order D&P ) to develop and print their postcard sized prints.
No such thing as archival quality acid free paper and really no need to spend more time on the process than needed. After all we all looked at the postcards twice, showed them to granny and the next door neighbour and than put them in the bottom drawer with the batch from previous years. So years later when dragged out the prints and negatives  are likely to have  yellowing stains and  even though  unseen for years... they  will have faded.

Photography, like BriSCA F1 has moved with the times and "Digital Age" has produced computer technology that allows  old and faded film or prints  to be rescued and brought back to  - almost - as good as the day they were originally  made, admittedly some negligence or lack of knowledge around 40 + years ago has left some things that  can never be made 100%.  However,  out of over 15,000 images I have selected 5000 or so of the the first to be completed and these are now being used to create eBooks which can be viewed on iPads and  other devices which  can deal with the ePub format.

I  decided  that  there may be followers and memorabilia collectors around who may be looking for photo's from the past - or Golden Years of BriSCA F1.  The images have been offered before on licence, however the website at that  time seemed daunting with complicated eCart payment options  for a myriad of options of sizes frames, wall posters Mugs etc.

In offering the  images for sale as prints - I have  gone back to my days on the tracks and I was probably the  first "Car Boot" seller!  Maybe the older generation will recall my car on the track, boot  up and a little wooden display stand!  The prints then were all  8" x 6"  Gloss with a white  border, created by the frame which held the paper flat during exposure in the darkroom . 
There is a single payment option and its so easy.

Have a look are around here and  then used the "eBooks website" link in the menu if its of interest.

PLEASE NOTE:   These are not knocked out on a cheap desktop ink-jet. All photo prints are created in the UK by a professional "print on demand" online store on archival quality paper and posted first class royal Mail.   Purchase of prints does NOT allow copying and uploading to social media and for any other  purchase.

Available from Apple iBooks Store:

BriSCA "Stox Photorama".

 Brisca F1 Stockcar Racing - A.B. Whittam

BriSCA F1 Scrapbook

BriSCA F1 Stock Cars - A.B. Whittam

BriSCA  "F1 Photo Gallery No2."


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